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About Us

The London Pickleball club was established in 2011 to provide more advanced play and skill-building for those wanting to play in tournaments. We do not teach pickleball at the beginner level. In order to be considered for membership, you should be at a competitive level and you need to be approved by the club executive. Members also volunteer their time and energy in the running of the club. A requirement of membership is that all members volunteer in some aspect. We currently hold two tournaments per year, which requires help from all members.

On December 9, 2016, the LPC became incorporated. The purpose was to promote and develop the sport of pickleball in the city of London, Ontario and surrounding areas with an emphasis on increasing the opportunity for physical activity and recreation of individuals of all ages.

Most of our members play at Total Tennis, the Open Play drop-in venues and at Huff and Puff. These are the places you can meet us. We always look forward to meeting new players and are glad to assist in any way we can at these venues.

The Directors are Jerome Fabian (President), Rose Cammaert (Secretary) & Werner Schmidt (Treasurer).

The officers are Helen Pak & Peter and Susan Singleton.

We have a general meeting once a year that all members are invited to. At that meeting, a treasurer’s report is presented for both the tournament results and general funds.

The executive to date has consisted of members who have volunteered to be on it.

There is not a set amount of time to serve.

The main function of the executive is to plan both the annual tournament and our annual charity tournament. The executive also arranges for play at various schools/venues throughout the city. They also research other possible pickleball venues.

The website and club information are maintained by Vicki Carrothers and membership dues are collected by Werner including all financial records.

None of this work could be accomplished without the many members that volunteered and donated their time and effort for which the executive is very thankful.

Warm Regards,

LPC Inc. Executive